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Fidelity software for hotels.

Measure and monitor your guest’s satisfaction

Drop Tecno-Hotel

“Turn your guest’s opinions into key information to make the experiences offered better”

Size and monitor your client’s satisfaction and transform the opinions in key information to improve the experience. This way you can enhance your business’s on-line reputation to get more reservations.

The best ally to focus on what your clients really appreciates.

What we do?

What we do?

Help to improve the relation between guests and hotel, transforming the travel experience offered.

How we do it?

How we do it?

Through simple and friendly web platforms.

What we use?

What we use?

Satisfaction surveys during and after the stay, collection of reviews and OTAs monitoring. 

Fidelity OnSite

Detects unsatisfied guests


It is about a communicational instance to know the guest’s experience during the stay and measure the level satisfaction.

Its principal objective is to detect unsatisfied guests before they leave the hotel so that you can revert the situation and turn these guests into promoters. 

  • It connects with the hotel’s software and read the guest’s basic information.
  • At middle of the stay, it sends an e-mail with a short survey that measures the satisfaction level at the moment.
  • It sends an alert to the hotel’s responsible team so that they can act properly.
  • It helps to catch unsatisfied guests on time and turn them into promoters. 

Fidelity FollowUp

Compares your performance with the industry


It measures your guests’ satisfaction and the compliance of your quality standards.

Compares your hotel performance with the industry.

  • Measurers in detail the quality standard offered by the different departments of your hotel: housekeeping, reception, etc. 
  • Compares service metrics with unique hotel market information.
  • Automize surveys information management. 

Fidelity Collect

It improves your position and reputation


It’s a tool that will allow you to increase considerably recent comments at TripAdvisor. It automatizes the sending of invitations to leave comments at TripAdvisor through your PMS connection and the express opinion tool of the TripAdvisor website. Fidelity Collect is possible because MyHotel is TripAdvisor’s Platinum Partner, the only Latin American Company with this alliance. 

  • MyHotel connects with hotel’s PMS and TripAdvisor’s Express Opinion. 
  • 2 days after check-out, TripAdvisor sends a mail to guests inviting them to leave a comment about the hotel.
  • Guests can leave comments at hotel’s profile from their own e-mail, even if they don’t have a registered user. 
  • With Fidelity Collect you will increase the number of comments on TripAdvisor, optimizing your online position.

Fidelity Online

Measures and compares results


This platform will allow you to group all received online feedback at one place to make easier management answers to received comments from places such us Google, Facebook, Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Hotels (and others). It also gives you a comparison of your online reputation with your competitor’s reputation.

  • Automize and unifies comments.
  • Compares your online reputation with your competitor’s reputation.
  • Manage all answers to comments from just one place. 

Fidelity Desk

Creates a case, assigns a responsible and makes a tracing


It’s a PQRS system that manage your guests’ requests at real time to guarantee your guests experiences continue being unforgettable and unique. 

  • You can create a case from any of FidelitySuite modules or from an external case.
  • You can assign all involved people, categorize it and leave a comment with all the case antecedents. 
  • All people assigned will receive a mail with the case’s details.
  • Assigned people can edit the case status and give it a new priority according to its advance. All changes will remain at the historical.
  • Prioritize your guests requestions at the time.

Measures and monitors all your guest’s satisfaction


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