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Booking engine for hotels.

Increasing direct selling with the best reserve engine of market.

Drop Tecno-Hotel

“Best reserve solution’s supplier from Europe”

Attract traffic to your website and reach the highest direct selling conversion ratios of the market through the leader booking engine. Count with the premium counselling of Google partners, that will allow you to explore the ultimate techniques so that the investment made through this browser have an impact on sales.

Work with metasearch engines,  partners, retargeting companies… This way you can get more brand recognition.

Web solutions

Web solutions

From concept to development, we create intuitive webs which are visually stunning and focus on selling.

Booking engine for hotels

Booking engine for hotels

Vanguard technology specially thought for hotels with the highest conversion on the market.

Online marketing for hotels

Online marketing for hotels

We submerge into your business to design plans adapted to your commercial strategy and budget.

Web solutions

Focus on conversion


Designers specialized at hotel commerce. Vanguard webs, spectacular, fast and focus on consumers that will enhance your brand and sells.

  •  Visually stunning designs focus on selling.
  • Intuitive and easy web navigation, with quick answer and specific landings.
  • Personalised contents, optimized for SEO and translation to more than 20 languages.

Booking engine

Engine conversion ratio leader at market


The booking engine, Backhotel 5.0, combines vanguard technology, elegant design, and a unique user experience to turn web traffic into bookings. It has a great variety of modules to cover all sales needs and make booking managements easier.

With over than 100 functions, an intuitive intranet, total flexibilization to combine any plan rate and mix rate, cross-selling and packaging capacity, module B2B for agencies, Booking Center tools and many other advantages.

  • Optimized design, intuitive, responsive and adapted to any device.
  • Open to any payment formulas (Paypal, TPV, etc)
  • Adhoc functions.
  • Connected to the main online distributors (Booking, Expedia, Pegasus, etc)
  • Alternative dates and alternative hotels if not available.
  • Fly+Hotel
  • Integrated user opinions (Trustyou, ReviewPro, etc)
  • Trade policies segmentation through channel and market.
  • B2B modules: travel agencies and companies.
  • Easy navigation- booking in 3 steps.
  • Connected to main managers channels and PMS.

Backhotel Lite

Our Booking Engine pocket edition


Backhotel Lite is a simplified vertion of Backhotel, out booking engine. Made for your needs size, with the experience of great volume booking management but also agile to manage yours and make them grow.

  • Fast implementation: in a few days it will be ready to increase your bookings.
  • Easy to book with a simple interface to book in just 3 steps.
  • Easy to set up. You pay only for what you need.
  • High conversion to make your visits turn into bookings.

Online Marketing

Get the most out of your digital presence


Our specialized team, in coordination with your key account manager, work as an extension of your business to offer an integral management of your online marketing. We are specialists at positioning in search engines, social networks, capture techniques and digital promotion.

The web analytics is transversal to all projects. We identify the key metrics of your hotel and market, defining rentable action plans, measurable and adapted to your distribution strategies. 

  • SEO: Positioning at first page is key to bring low cost and quality traffic to your web.
  • SEM: Click payment is the key, it offers control, flexibility, and short-term results.
  •  Display retargeting: every time anyone visit your web, leaves a mark of his-her activity and with our tools we can identify him-her. 
  • Membership marketing: Be part of a global webs network specialized in tourism, so that you can define your public target, create promotional materials, etc.
  • Metasearch engines: you will be able to connect with the main metasearch engines of the market to get the most out them. 
  • Email marketing: e-mailings designs, landing pages or forms that will inspire to your actual and potential customers. 
  • Social Networks: Get specific plans according to your objectives and possibilities to build your brand and social personality. 
  • Booking recovery: Turn lost opportunities into big benefits. Keep in touch with your possible customers, even if they had gone from your web.


We contact your hotel with a global market


Make the management of your channel be the simple as possible. You will be able to connect to the main channel managers from an only point, PMS and B2B and B2C distributors at a global level, multiplying your coverage and capacity distribution.

  • Channel Managers
  • PMS
  • B2B or B2C intermediators.
  • Partners

Product Development

The market doesn’t stop. Neither we do


Here you can see some of the tools you can contribute to your business to maximize its benefits and create a wider user experience.

  • Pricecheck: compares your prices with the ones offered by the OTAs, making your user experiences and conversion ratio better. 
  • Hotel + Fly: provide a value-added service to wider your public target and increase you booking ratio conversion.
  • External Call Center: It will allow you to standardize, on the high, your phone service quality and it will allow your personal to dedicate entirely time to their main work.
  • Business Intelligence: the reporting system give you all the data you need in an only place, eliminating the use of more than one system.
  • Referral Marketing: advanced social recommendation tools to incentive your customers to share their experiences and positive opinions on the internet.
  • Online reputation: Advanced tools to manage your hotel information on the internet and offer you a clearer vision of the perception you generate.

Simplify your distribution, multiply your coverage.


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